Emotions & Phases

Another quick look at how emotions appears through various filters….

Exclusively identified with form

When we are exclusively identified with a form – most typically our human self – they tend to appear as “other”. We try to hold onto them or push them away. It is a constant struggle, and we may at times experience ourselves as a “victim” of them. They seem very real, substantial and unruly. We actively resist them – either coming or going – so there is also suffering.

Witness, Eye of Spirit

When we find ourselves as awareness (as Witness, space & awareness), emotions and anything else come and go on their own, and there is less need to push away or hold onto them. They just unfold within space, living their own life. There is less resistance, so also less suffering. They also appear less substantial, more fleeting.

No I

When what is finds itself as having no “I” – not even as awareness (there is seeing but no seer, doing but no doer), there is also an awakening to the ground – that which all phenomena arises from and as. The content of consciousness is revealed as consciousness itself. Here, emotions and any other content is revealed as emptiness dancing. As a particular temporary form and mask of Spirit, God, Buddha Mind. There is an absence of substance to it beyond this.


If we are stuck in the emptiness dancing aspect, it can lead to cold-heartedness. We also need to realize how others (themselves Spirit, Buddha Mind, God temporarily experiencing itself as limited) still experience this form of God as very substantial and painful. And this leads to compassion and engagement in the world. We become willing participants in the game, happily following the rules of the game which in this case is engaged compassion.

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