Field Appearing as I and Other

What is, is beyond and including all polarities. It is the field that every appearance arises from and within. It is the Buddha Mind (God, Spirit, Brahman) forming itself into a field which temporarily – and to itself – takes the appearance of awareness and phenomena, seeing and seen.

So when this happens, there is an identity with a segment of what is, the creation of the appearance of I and other, seer and seen. And from here, there is a “spiritual path” gradually unveiling what is. For a while, there is still the belief in the thought “I” and placed on a segment of what is, but this segment becomes more and more inclusive until this belief falls away. There is no longer any “I” as a segment of what is. The ground awakens to itself. What is awakens to itself with no “I” anywhere. The field is revealed as all Buddha Mind, with only the temporary appearance to itself of I and other.

On this spiritual path, there may be different sequences, but here is one that seems relative typical.

First, an exclusive identity as a human being, an object in the world. Here, “other” becomes the rest of the world of phenomena, God, Buddha Mind, soul, spirit and so on.

Then, as pure awareness, as the seer, the Witness. Here, there is a subtle “other” as the world of phenomena, the seen, although there is also a sense of “no separation”.

Then, as what is with no “I” anywhere. Here, there is no “I” and “other” added to the field of what is. That duality, as all other polarities, is revealed as appearing from a belief in the thought “I”.

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