Fully Awakened, Fully Human

It seems that to be fully awakened and fully human are just two sides of the same coin.

Before awakening to no “I”, there will always be resistance to aspects of our human nature, which hold these back from maturing and developing.

And without the deepening into our full humanity, it may be that the awakening cannot unfold and refine completely either. Through this deepening, we see where there is still lack of clarity in the awakening, and where it has not yet been brought more fully into our human self and matter.

It is a process of God exploring itself more and more fully as matter, through this human self. It is matter awakening to itself as God, in and throughout each of our cells and everything else that is part of our human nature.

And it is a process. As long as the world of phenomena is around, this deepening is likely to go on. Always on and on. Always deeper, higher, more complex.

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