God’s Pitifulness

I just listened to the intro to the 4th fundamental by Joel where he says something along the lines of…

The first fundamental is that there is nothing but consciousness – it is all God, Allah, Buddha Nature and so forth. And the second fundamental is that ignorance of this is the cause of suffering.

As I listened to this, a thought appeared which brought up a good deal up laughter…

God is by definition complete, perfect. So if God is to experience itself more in its fullness, it has to experience and know itself as everything left out of this perfection: as incomplete, as imperfect, as a failure, as loss, grief, idiocy, lack of insight, ignorance, insanity, stupidity, making mistakes, pitiful, bumbling.

No wonder there is so much misery in the world! It is God’s way to explore itself in all these ways, so (apparently) different from the “absolute”, from God in its inherent completeness and perfection.

And we, poor creatures, pay for this desire. Although this too is just God temporarily experiencing itself with a limited identity, as a very fallible creature.

This is of course just another take on lila, of everything being the play of God. And it is just another story, but one that is aligned with the experiences of the mystics (that all is God) and one that does “explain” all the misery we experience as human beings.

The bottom line is…

It is exiting for God to experience itself as pitiful!

And from this comes the urge to escape the suffering, which eventually leads (back) to a nondual awakening. The whole wants to experience itself as part, and the part wants to experience itself as the whole. Any descriptions such as “want” and “exited” do obviously not apply at the largest whole, but there may still be a tendency there – a movement, which can be (inadequately) described in this way.

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