There seems to be an idea among westerners that awakening to no “I” is out of reach for everybody except a few gifted people, typically exotic looking people from asian cultures found as infants and brought up in a monastery or ashram or similar.

But it does seem that it is available to just about anyone who are fortunate enough to have the urge and opportunity to practice. It is just like anything else in life, practice is needed – often over several years, and it does give results. And as in any other area, not everyone becomes experts and/or publicly known, but the basics – even of the realization of no “I”, is within reach for many.

In addition to this, it seems that there are relatively large numbers of people out there who has a clear realization of no “I” (or rather, where what is awakened to its own nature and now functions through a particular human self), but are not publicly known. Of those I personally know who have had this awakening, only a fraction of them have any sort of public role. The rest may not have the interest in having a public role, or may not have the skills in communication it or functioning as a teacher.

We see only the tip of the iceberg, and think that far fewer has awakened than what is actually the case. The other side of this is obviously that the overall numbers are still quite small compared to the world population, but not as small as it may look.

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