Infinite Causes

At our evolutionary group last night, we did a collective infinite causes experiment.

The question was what are some of the things that contributed to each of use being here tonight?

And we answered popcorn style, going from the proximal to the distal, in widening circles from that which is immediate in time and space to that further out.

It was a great way to hear more of people’s personal stories, and another way to see the infinite connections and infinite causes to any (apparently) simple and limited event. It was also an opportunity to honor our ancestors, in a wide sense of the word, all the way back to the Great Radiance. And to find an appreciation of the mystery and awesomeness of Existence, as it unfolds as this universe, this planet, and ourselves as parts of these larger processes.

If we had gone longer than the one hour, we could have explored more the less obvious connections. And another – complementary – version of this experiment is to explore what is happening right now – for humans, other beings, systems, the Earth, solar system, the universe.

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