Infinite & Definite


A nondual awakening is definite, a binary yes or no, on or off. Either it is not there, or it is – obviously, clear as a bell, beyond doubt. It is similar to falling in love. If you have to ask or question it, it is probably not it. There is just what is, with no “I” anywhere.

It is the awakening of the ground, the consciousness/emptiness everything arises from and as. And yet, there seems to be a deepening even here, for instance in its presence through the sleep cycle and so on.


On all other levels (F1-F8 in Ken Wilber’s model), there is an infinite possibility for exploration and – most likely – evolution and development. There is no “end point” here.

Infinite & definite

So there is a definite nondual awakening – appearing at some point in time. And before and after this – there is an endless exploration, evolution, development, maturing and integration in the world of form.

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