Inquiry Into Causes

After having done a few Ramesh Balsekar type inquiries, I see how they tend to follow similar (and not all that surprising) patterns.

First, I note that for any activity there are literally infinite causes and infinite effects. The world of form is one seamless fluid process, so there are always one more “cause” to be found through discernment and mentally splitting it up.

The causes fall into some general categories: Universe (its characteristics), biology (as species and individual), culture and personal experiences.

The whole world of form arises within and as this stainless awareness.

The only “doer” I can find is what is as a whole – the whole world of form arising within and as awareness. There is not really any need, room or even possibility for any “doer” as a segment within this, although it may indeed appear to be such a limited doer.

And of course the trick with this inquiry, as with all of them, is sincerity. An open, fresh, innocent, curious approach. I tend to go straight to generalizations, and there is the idea that I somehow already “understand” it, both of which prevents sincere and honest inquiry.

And a sincere and honest inquiry is exactly what is needed for this realization to seep through and have its effects, to be lived and brought into life more fully.

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