More Veils

I keep coming back to this, maybe because I have not seen it addressed very often.

Awakening to no “I”

There is a nondual awakening – what is awakens to its own nature of having no “I” anywhere.

There is still the content of awareness – anything happening within and outside of the human self, there is still attention which moves its searchlight around in this field of phenomena, and the stainless awareness it all happens within. And this can deepen so there exclusive identification with our human self is further dropped off and awareness is there even when our human self goes to sleep or even dies.

Through all this, there is a clear realization of everything being God, Buddha Mind, Brahman, Allah, Spirit, Dao and so on. The content of consciousness is consciousness itself. The whole universe is consciousness, and I am that consciousness. There is emptiness (void) and emptiness dancing (form).

And there is also the functional connection with this particular human self, it becomes a vehicle in the world of form for what is.


Yet, there is still one or more veils here. (This is getting convoluted as I am not clear about it.)

There is still the functional connection with this particular human self. And while there is a clear realization of all human selves arising as Buddha Mind and that this whole – beyond and including all polarities – is the only “I”, there is still a very real separation between all these functional connections.

What is – which is one, awakens to its own nature uniquely and repeatedly, functionally connected with particular human selves. It does not (typically) receive input through any other human self. It is one, yet many.

From a conventional view, this takes the appearance of a number of humans awakening. From the other side of the gateless gate, it is what is awakening to its own nature in many different instances, each functionally connected to a particular human self.

There is still obviously a larger whole of what is, that which goes beyond and embraces all these functional connections. Has this level been expressed through a human being yet? It could, but it may still be in our future.

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