Some traditions talk about consciousness (Buddha Mind, God, Allah, Brahman, Dao, Spirit) as thereal, and appearences as less or not real.

This seems accurate in a certain sense. It is that which always is, even in its many temporary appearances, forms and masks. It is the eternal present within and as the world of phenomena unfolds.

But these appearances are also real. They may be temporary, and they may really be consciousness (Buddha Mind, God and so on), but that does not make them less real.

When what is believes in the idea of “I”, they appear as real, are taken as real, and have very real consequences.

To say that they are somehow less real is to emphasize the absolute (it is all God), and de-emphasize or leave out the relative (appearances). And although that too is OK, it can also lead to some confusion – which anything else can as well.

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