Scratching the Surface

It is so apparent how I, and maybe all us humans (?), are just scratching the surface in all areas of Existence.

Even those most advanced in spirituality (exploring and teaching about no “I”, and also the various contents of kundalini energies and so on), AQAL frameworks, evolutions, physics, arts, social systems and so on are just beginning to scratch the surface. And this is so much more the case for me – I am just scratching the surface of the surface (!) in any area of life.

This Existence is infinitely complex and varied, and always changing and evolving, and we are just beginning to explore it in any area of life. Life is always more than and different from any experience or realization we have of it, and this is even more so for our expressions of these experiences and our maps and models. It is all of only temporary and limited value. It is all something we have to let go of as soon as it appears and move on.

In terms of our realization and understanding, there is really no ground to stand on. All we can do is rest in and as what is, always new, always different, always fresh.

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