Seductive Gestalts

For each of us, some “I” gestalts are more seductive than others.

For me, they include resistance (the activity of pushing something away or holding onto something), thinking and subtle movements in the throat area as if pronouncing the words to myself, the knower/seer (knowing/seeing with an added “I” to it), and I am sure many others that don’t come to mind right now.

It seems that the Big Mind process are getting at some of this. Through the process, we see which voices we are overly identified with (for me, those mentioned above), and also which ones are repressed or disowned. And just by bringing awareness into all this, and also acknowledge the function of each voice, it all seems to sort itself out. The strong identifications are loosened up, and the disowned voices are brought into awareness and can be engaged with more freely.

Through the Big Mind process, we also see that each of these gestalts arise within – as a tiny part – of Big Mind. And we can also explore them as composites to see that there is no “I” to be found anywhere in them or in their wholes.

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