Seeing & Seer

No self

When we find the (apparent) ground as Witness, we have the opportunity to see how the whole world of phenomena is one process. It is seamless and flux.

Nothing is absolutely separate from anything else, everything we can discern out has infinite causes and infinite consequences. And nothing remains. Our experiences come into being and pass in their own tempo, the Earth and the Universe as a whole has a birth and a death.

So here, we become familiar with the “no self” as a human being. There is really no separate or fixed human self. The whole world of form, internal and external to our human self, arises temporarily within (and as) awareness.

We see how the idea of a separate and fixed self as a human being is just that, an idea superimposed on a set of fluid phenomena. It is convenient and help us orient in the world, but also just an abstraction. It does not quite correspond with the fluidity and seamlessness of what it apparently refers to.

Seeing and seer

At this point, there may still be an identification with the seeing itself. We see ourselves as a seer.

But this apparent seer also arises as a segment within the whole of what is. And if the sense of a fixed and separate human self came out of the belief in the idea of “I”, could that not be true for this as well?

In my case, as I explore this further, there is the growing realization that even the seeing has no “I” inherent in it. That too is a segment of what is. The sense of “I” as the seer comes out of believing in an idea of “I” and adding it to the seeing.

There is still the seeing, as before, but now no “I” even here. There is just the field of what is – the seen and the seeing, and no “I” anywhere.


Now, another “ground” is revealed – that which seer and seeing arises from and as. The emptiness dancing in all the many forms of the world of phenomena.

It is the groundless ground where there is nothing fixed, nothing abstract to rely on. This is where we have no stone on which to rest the head. There is nothing fixed in the world of phenomena, and no ideas – not even that of a separate “I” – which can be believed and taken comfort in. This is the bottomless free fall. There is only God.

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