Sort of There & Completely Obvious

Since engaging with Byron Katie’s inquiries and the deekshas, my partner has been going through a quite remarkable process. Following the talk this morning, she talked with excitement about her immediate tastes of selflessness, and how it often comes up in various situations throughout the day – most recently during the talk, and during a dance performance she watched Friday night.

We also talked about how we “sort of” get it for a while. We can find selflessness when we look for it, but there is still an idea of “I” lurking somewhere. It is almost like a party game, fun and interesting, and we can talk ourselves into seeing that there is no “I” anywhere.

But then, there is a shift and it pops. It becomes completely and utterly obvious. It is just there, plain as day. Not even a trace of any “I”.

Again, the difference seems similar to falling in love. If you need to ask or question it, it is not it. And when it happens, it is beyond doubt.

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