When I write something, it is from what comes up at the moment and is then gone. It was something that was alive at some point, and then disappears into/as space. The present is always new, fresh, different, unique. As Gandhi (?) said only fools are consistent with themselves.

One small example of changes is how I see the word “enlightenment”. I used to think it was a silly word and something that was quite nebulous. But now, I see that it refers to a clearly definable and recognizable stage – that of realizing “no I”. No bells and whistles are needed, no remarkable abilities or mystical happenings. And it is not out of reach for any of us, if we work at it as we would work at anything else. It is just what is already – always – here, we only need to notice.

Of course, with written words this always changing flow takes on a certain “permanence”. It can be quoted and so on, but that is just part of the game.

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