The Both/And of Either/Or

My general orientation to life is both/and. Existence – and whatever I see as “I” – are beyond and including any and all polarities.

But I notice a tendency sometimes to exclude either/or from this both/and. I see how some teachers and groups have an either/or view, and somehow see that as “inferior” and “bad”, while it really is just less inclusive. Some advaitaists exclude the path, process and the relative. The Center for Sacred Sciences exclude evolution and development in the world of phenomena. (They see it as irrelevant to awakening, which is true in a certain sense but also a limited view. Evolution and development – God exploring itself, goes on before and after selfless awakening.) But that is really all that is going on, it is a view slightly less inclusive than Existence, God, and even the Universe itself.

So if I see that as inferior and undesireable, then my view is equally exclusive and less inclusive than what is, than God in all its many manifestations.

A more inclusive both/and view goes beyond and includes both/and and either/or. Both are ways this universe, and Existence, God and Buddha Mind manifests. One more inclusive and apparently more closely aligned with what is, the other more excluding and apparently less aligned with what is.

As with so much else, this is clear on a certain level, but also not 100% clear at the level of my human self. It is not 100% clear to all aspects of my human being, so this is another part of the deepening and maturing.

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