It is interesting how unveiling what is appears. This field of what is which appears as seeing and seen, and all other polarities, when a layer of abstractions is added to it – when it is filtered through this layer of abstractions.

As they say in Buddhism and other traditions, it is unveiled as clarity, awareness, stainless – and with ready access to unconditional compassion when brought slightly into differentiation through this layer of abstraction.

I went for a walk up an oak hill today, near my partner’s work, and used Douglas Harding’s experiments (the pointing one mainly) to find myself as the ground from which and as everything arises, this emptiness forming itself into all the forms – of this human self, sensations, feelings, emotions, thoughts, and the rest of the world – the sky, wind, rain, hill, grass, budding flowers, clouds, city, buildings and everything else.

There was such a clear experience of space itself forming itself into all this, as all being the temporary forms and masks of space & awareness. And there was only doing, no doer. No “I” anywhere in all of this.

And with this, such as sense of clearness, of the context of it all being so crystal clear. And realizing how even the slight fog which is here for me, that which I for a while took as so substantial, also arises within this crystal clarity and as space as everything else. There is really nothing substantial.

And I also saw how easily all this could form into unconditional compassion – pure love not conditioned on anything in the world of form. Just moving the attention to human beings – and any forms of being – and this came up with no effort, as just a natural expression of what is when filtered through this subtle abstraction of beings emerging from the seamless field of what is.

It is so clear how abstractions just becomes tools in this context. All they do is allow for a certain differentiation within this seamless field of what is, and through this allowing for natural wisdom, compassion and engagement in the world.

When what is awakens to its own nature – with no “I” anywhere and as emptiness dancing, and it forms and filters itself through a layer of abstractions, there is a natural and spontaneous expression of itself as wisdom, compassion and engagement. No effort is needed apart from this subtle filtering through abstractions, this subtle differentiation of the field of what is.

And it is also clear how there is just about unlimited energies available through this, into the human life (as was very clear during my initial awakening, and also lead to a temporary burn-out on a human level).

There is also something odd in all this – the realization of doing and no doer. Of everything just happening. Of course, it only seems odd because it is coming out of an habitual sense of a doer – with familiarity it appears ordinary again.

As with all this, when what is awakens to its own nature, it all seems so completely obvious and ordinary. Of course there is no doer (!). There never was. It is just emptiness – cognizant space, forming itself into the myriad forms – into what appears as the world of phenomena. It is all just happening, with no “doer” as any segment of this, just the doing.

So simple, yet it appears so incredibly exotic and difficult before this gateless gate is passed through. This gate which seems so real before it is passed through, and as not there at all when it is passed through. What we passed into is just what was always here, the eternal present – what is in all its many temporary forms and appearances.

And it is so clear how no human has every awakened. It is only what is which awakened to its own nature, as all there is with no “I” anywhere. As that which is beyond and is that which appears as seeing and seen, as pure stainless awareness and form, as empty ground and ground formed into phenomena, as emptiness dancing, when filtered through a subtle layer of abstractions, when differentiated within this context of what is.

And this what is happens to be (mysteriously) functionally connected with this particular human self. There is seeing, feeling, tasting, experiencing and so on through and as this human self, and there is doing and engagement through and as this human self. There is experiencing and doing through and as this particular human self, although no “I” anywhere in all of this. There is just the experiencing and doing. There is just what is happening.

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