All OK & Perfect Symmetry

We went to the most recent incarnation of our local Byron Katie inquiry group(s) last night, and was struck again by the perfect symmetry of awakening to selflessness and the discomfort of the belief in a separate I.

As Byron Katie says sometimes, everything is perfect as it is. And realizing selflessness is the only way for that to come fully alive. (She skilfully leaves the second part out, leaving it to people to discover that for themselves through inquiry).

As long as there is a belief in a separate I – placed on our human self, aspects of our human self, the seeing and so on, then there is discomfort and suffering. There is a sense of separation, of something to protect. We naturally seek relief from this discomfort and suffering, first through rearranging the content of our inner and outer situation, and eventually through realizing selflessness.

So there is a perfect symmetry here. An unexamined belief in a separate I gives rise to discomfort, this discomfort leads us to seek relief from it, and the only real relief comes through examining the belief and realize that there is no separate I inherent in any aspect of what is.

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