Appearance of Choice

From the view of the Absolute, all is God, Buddha Mind, Brahman, Allah, Spirit.

With a added layer of abstractions, a layer of the Relative on top of the Absolute, comes differentiation and we see all the distinctions we are familiar with. We see individuals, causes, effects, choices, deliberation, actions and the attention and awareness it all unfolds within.

And when this layer is transparent to the Absolute, words come which reflect more closely the Absolute. From here, everything is seen as the differentiations and movements within the whole – that which is beyond and including all polarities. There is the appearance of individuals, of causes and effects, of choice and deliberation, of actions and attention, but all recognized as some of the infinite and temporary faces of God, Buddha Mind, etc.

There is still everything that can be labeled as individuals, causes, effects, choice, deliberation, actions, attention and awareness, but they do not have the sense of separateness created by the labels. They just are, as expressions of and movements within the whole.

From this view, we also see that any idea of individual choice, deliberation and doing is just that, an idea. It is created from a belief in the idea of individuals as somehow separate from the whole.

There is doing, but no individual doer. There are thoughts, but no individual thinker. There are apparent choices, but no separate individual making the choice. There is deliberation, but no individual deliberating. There is attention and awareness, but no separate individual it belongs to.

There is only the movements of the whole – of God, Buddha Mind, that which is beyond and includes all polarities – appearing locally as an individual, as choice, deliberation, thinking, action and the attention and awareness it all unfolds within. But there is no separate individual making this happen.

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