Big Mind & No I

It is interesting to explore some of the many effects of the Big Mind process.

Human self

At the level of our human self, it seems to allow for increased fluidity among the voices.

There is a familiarization with the many voice polarities, realizing how each voice has an opposite, that they each have a function, and the richness that comes out of that polarity. Disowned voices are brought into the repertoire, not pushed away from a filter of ideas of them as “other” or “bad”. And there is a disidentification with voices previously identified as an “I” – they are taken in a less personal way and allowed to come and go on their own.

In a sense, it allows space for the many voices to unfold on their own terms, without the interference from an idea of “I”. There is less identification with any of them, there is less of an idea of “good” and “bad”, and thus less pushing away and holding onto whatever comes up in/through our human self. There is a sense of spaciousness and fluidity.

Transcendent voices

At the level of the transcendent voices, there is again a process of familiarization and a realization that they they are always there and only a shift is needed.

Personal and transcendent fluidity

There is also increased fluidity among all the voices on personal and transcendent levels. There is less stickiness, less identification with any of them. They are allowed to come and go as guests.


And in terms of selflessness, we see how it allows for a realization of selflessness in at least two broad ways.

First, exploring the personal and transcendent voices helps us realize that there is really no “I” anywhere. There are all these voices, but no “I” as any of them. There is just the doing, and no doer anywhere.

Second, becoming familiar with Big Mind allows us to see that there is no “I” as a human self – nor in any other segment of what is. There is only what is, beyond and including all polarities, and no “I” as any segment of what is.

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