Contractions There, But Not Able to Believe in Them

I talked with Jen again about her experience of the Witness arising regularly throughout the day. The belief in the story of “I” is gone, and everything is just experienced as they are – without this overlay, and without any need to create stories to fit experiences and situations in with the story of “I”. It is very simple. And when it is present, there is often a surprise of not having seen this so clearly before.

And even when this context of selflessness is not there so clearly and we go into our habitual stories and contractions, we cannot really believe in them any more. The stories and contractions are there, and we may even get caught up in them again, but cannot take them very seriously any more. They loose their reality. And even in this situation, we can shift into – or at least shift into a taste – of selflessness more easily.

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