I facilitated another Big Mind process today, and this time made a point out of following the process closely – to not have a particular and fixed plan in advance, but follow what came up in each voice and where the process went on its own. There was a great sense of fluidity, and the processee seemed to really enjoy it and find some clarity from it as well.

As usual, there are parallel processes. One is the facilitation. Another is connection with what is going on for her, where she is at. And yet another, what is going on for me.


When we talked with the voice of courage, I noticed how that has been a relatively dormant voice for me over the “dark night” phase, and how many other voices has been enlisted to take the place of courage – to make courage apparently not needed.

I also see how courage is a big part of the five element acupuncture treatments I have received. They work on mind, body and spirit levels, and the spirit level – as far as I understand – has to do with courage to go forth. And that is what has often been missing for me recently.

During the process, it also became clear how courage has to do with the heart.

The root of courage is the latin cor, which means of the heart. The Chinese characters for courage apparently means strength. So one way of looking at courage is strength of heart or strength of spirit.

We went from the voice of fear (clarifying how it could have a more limited and well defined role and leave some of the protection to other voices), to the voice of courage, to Big Heart, and it was a very natural process. Big Heart is one of the ways to connect with courage, one of the ways to bring it into our lives.


Lately, the only thing that really brings up a spark in me is the thought of going to India for the 21 day deeksha process, and I can do it – I have the physical opportunity to do it now. The only thing that is lacking is courage. Courage to embark on the journey, to spend the money for it, to throw myself into the completely unknown – not having any certainty of what will happen, and courage to actually go out there and give deekshas afterwards. Courage, courage, courage.

My Zen dharma name is great courage, so I guess that is appropriate. I was told in advance that the dharma name may reflect our greatest potential and our greatest weakness (which is often one and the same), and that seems right on in this case.

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