It is on the coast of California during the Great Turning. I am on a bike journey taking pictures of people and placed to document the changes, and arrive at a bakery run by some Bulgarian women. They are in folk costume and sing a Bulgarian folk song for me.

This is just a brief scene from a much longer dream on this topic, the current scene as I woke up and the only one I remember clearly. The atmosphere was somewhat similar to Pacific Edge, and the topic has been part of my daily life since my teens – although I wasn’t familiar with the term The Great Turning until my early twenties. Bulgarian folk songs are among my favorite music in daily life as well.

The main significance of the dream may be in the atmosphere – of people caring for each other and the earth, living from a wide circle of care, compassion and concern. We are still humans, so there are still challenges of all sorts, but coming up within this context of a lived realization of radical interconnectedness. This realization is possibly the only one that will allow us to survive collectively through the challenges that face us today. (Is it naive? It may be the only realistic option. Assuming that we can continue as we do today, including operating from an outmoded and fragmented mechanistic worldview, may be truly naive.)

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