Gentle Inquiry

Over the last few days, I have noticed a slight shift in how projections show up. Something – arising outside or inside of my human self, is perceived as slightly Other, I notice its Otherness, and through that noticing that boundary of I/Other dissolve and what arises just is – equally I and Other and none of those.

I sat on the bus yesterday, someone near me was quite agitated, I noticed a slight disturbance in me and then the subtle Otherness of the agitation, and through that noticing the boundary dissolved – the agitation was revealed as Here as well as There, and none and both of those. The quality of the agitation itself did not change at all, but instead appearing as There/Other and somewhat separated from Here/I, that layer of additional abstractions and stories went away.

Instead of arising as a disturbance, it now arises as part of the landscape, adding to the richness of what arises in the present.

I half-way woke up early this morning, and the same process unfolded although in a more fluid way. I saw something arising which had a subtle Otherness to it, noticed the subtle boundary there, the boundary and Otherness dissolved, and it just arouse in space. And then something else came up, and the same process unfolded. And then something else, in a parade of content which had a subtle Otherness to it. It was a quite interesting experience, and something to bring more into daily life.

The main lesson may be how there is a subtle Otherness to many things arising, and just noticing that – and allowing an inquiry into it in the form of gentle curiosity, may allow the boundary and Otherness to dissolve.

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