God As Groups

In our age, probably influenced by the western explorations of democracy and group dynamics, there is an emerging emphasis on the group level of God. How God, Spirit, Buddha Mind, Brahman, Dao manifests as a group of individuals – in their interactions, collective explorations and views, in the group field, and so on.

Among spiritual groups and approaches, this is emphasized in Waking Down in Mutuality, in Andrew Cohen‘s community, and also by the deeksha folks. How does God show up at a group level?

In Christianity and Buddhism, people increasingly talk about the second coming of Christ as a collective phenomenon, and the future Buddha – Maitreya – manifesting as a sangha.

In evolutionary spirituality, we realize that we – in the broadest sense of the word, including all human beings, all species, this Earth, this galaxy, this Universe, all of what is – is the leading edge of evolution. The leading edge of the evolution and unfolding of God, Spirit, the divine mind, and so on.

In the secular realm, there is a vast area of exploration of group processes and dynamics, for any type and size of human groups. There are explorations of co-intelligence. Of group fields in Process Work. Of systems dynamics in any area, including non-living matter, living systems, and social groups.

And in any of these areas, we are just scratching the surface. We are just starting to explore these dynamics in more depth. We are only now beginning to take the group, collective and systems levels seriously – realizing that they are as real and important as any other level, including that of individuals.

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