Heart Prayer

The Heart Prayer was very alive for me some years back, and is now coming back more.

The basic form is simple: Come to the breath and/or the heartbeat, and say a simple prayer in the rythm of the breath and/or the heart.

The words can be…

Thank you, thank you, thank you – to open for gratitude for life, allowing an atmosphere of gratitude to permeate our life, where all of life’s experiences are included.

Or more traditionally, Lord Jesus Christ (on the inbreath), have mercy on me (on the outbreath) – to open for a connection with the divine in the form of Christ and allow it to to work on our human self. The inbreath is the ascending, the inviting in. The outbreath is the decending, the surrender and letting go.

In any case, this invites an atmosphere…

of prayerfullness which awakens and enlivens the heart.

of receptivity to life, as it is.

of surrender to the divine and to life as it shows up in the present.

which – after just a few days – tends to continue throughout the day and even through sleep.

that works on our human life. Our human life soaks in it – realigns, knots unravel, we find a deepening peace with what is, and so on.

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