Heaven & Earth

I did a Process Work session yesterday, and found it – as always – very helpful and inspiring.

Heaven and Earth

Several themes came up. The main one was the Heaven and Earth interweaving process, of going high up into the spiritual, then down to integrate it in an ordinary human life, and so on. There was a very strong force behind this, grabbing me from behind and pushing my face down to the earth and ordinary human lives. Its strenght seemed infinite, far beyond what I could try to resist.

(This is the main process that came up when I did some regression session several years ago as well, and apparently one of the main themes of my life. At that time, it took the form of pulsing – of going out into Cosmos and back into and as a human being part of Earth.)


The second theme was of “rocks” in my life, apparent blocks – things I don’t know how to digest and get a grip on. I want to explore them and get to know them better, but don’t know how.

One realization that came up here is how I tend to make a big deal out of it, and allow it – even minor problems – to overshadow everything else. If it is not “perfect” according to my idea of it, I don’t allow myself to fully live from passion and gratitude. I also saw how I can very well live from passion and gratitude even with these rocks present.

These rocks partly represent rigidity in myself, in my body as well as mind. I keep a short leash on myself and am not familiar with living from more looseness and freedom, although there is certainly the attraction to do so. These are old family patterns, and I am in a situation now where I can allow them to go.

There was also the image of these rocks disintegrating and turning into spaciousness and joyfulness.

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