Our human life is a process of deepening into our human self. Of exploring it, familiarize with it, allow it to mature, of getting to know it as a vehicle in the world of phenomena.

This is a proces of individuation. Of exploring the repertoire of this particular human self, its flavors, its quirks, its strenghts and weaknesses, and so on.

At the same time, we explore the universally human through this one vehicle. We can grow in realization of how all of these processes are universally human, expressed in unique ways through this particular human self.

And through this, we can also see that there is no “I” anywhere in all of this. It is all just happening. It is the whole of Existence temporarily acting through and as this particular human self. It is all unfolding within space and awareness, as a patch of the infinitely larger tapestry of the world of phenomena.

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