Inner and Outer Integrations

With our abundance of traditions, approaches, techniques etc. for exploring ourselves (as individuals and Big Mind), there is a natural integration that takes place as well. Maybe not in terms of changing each approach, but at least in terms of the cross-training they talk about in integral life (transformative) practice. We engage in several different practices, since they each have their area of focus and leave something else out. And this takes place both in terms of integral practice, and also over time – something is helpful at one period of our life, and other approaches at other times.

And this exploration takes place on both individual and collective levels.

Streams meeting

For instance, I got into Ken Wilber’s framework in my teens, a few years before living at Kanzeon Zen Center, and then learning the Big Mind process developed some year later. Since then, I discovered Waking Down in Mutuality and (apparently? possibly?) went through the second birth some weeks later.

A little later, Genpo Roshi got involved with the Integral Institute and Ken Wilber, and Big Mind met the integral approach. Today, I found an email in my inbox from Genpo Roshi recommending Saniel Bonder’s latest audio publication, and indirectly the Waking Down approach.

So what I had explored on an individual level later became connected on an outer and more collective level.

I am still curious to see if the Universe Story, Process Work, Byron Katie’s inquiries, or Breema will meet at our collective level in a significant way 🙂

Ways of meeting

I can think of three ways this type of cross-fertilization take place.

One is in our own integral practice. I do some sitting practice, some Big Mind, some shadow work, some inquiry, some Breema, and so on, and although each approach retain their integrity they cross fertilize in my being. Each one remains as they are, yet cross fertilize through our integral practice.

Another is how each of these approaches may organically change through this cross fertilization. A Big Mind instructor may also have experience with Process Work, find something valuable in process work to integrate in the Big Mind process, and this may gradually transform how the Big Mind process is done. Or a Process Work trainer may learn the Big Mind process, pick up useful aspects of that approach, and integrate that in how she or he does and teaches Process Work.

And yet another form of cross-fertilization may be the most risky and least organic. This is to have an idea of creating a hybrid out of two or more distinct practices. In doing this, the unique contributions of each may get watered down or lost.

2 thoughts to “Inner and Outer Integrations”

  1. I found this post while searching for “shadow work”. If I had a $1 for every practice I have used and learned and the times I have returned to them I would be rich, but probably not more enlightened 🙂

    Recently I discovered Connie Zweig and the Holy Longing. You can actually listen to a good interview by doing a search on YouTube, and also has a great interview, which came at a time where I was really stuck and ready to “block” my Holy Longing once more. This might not be in line with Big Mind, but Saniel Bonder’s work surely is.

    Like your blog, btw. I have a blog which I linked above and which I have not posted to recently. You inspired me.

  2. Thanks, Yvonne. I will take a look at youtube, and maybe get her book from the library. I am familiar with her through her shadow work, so suspect I may enjoy this too.

    Without knowing much about her take on “holy longing”, I think it may be aligned nicely with the Big Mind process too.

    We already are whole at the Big Mind and our human self levels, so when we take ourselves to be less than that – through blindly attaching to beliefs and identities – we fee that something is missing and long for that wholeness.

    And we try to find that wholeness through much of what we do… addictions, food, relationships, dreams, quests for truth and God, and a lot more.

    They may not use the word “longing” much in Big Mind, but it is certainly there in the background.

    It also seems that the wholeness has two aspects. One is the wholeness already and always here, at the Big Mind and human levels. The other is the sense and expression of wholeness that comes through a lived life, and through healing, maturing and development.

    The first just requires noticing. The other requires a lived life.

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