Inner & Outer

I watched some movies at our local archeology and anthropology film festival tonight, and at one point noticed someone across the aisle who seemed quite contracted and a little agitated. At the same time, there was such a clear seeing of how that same contraction is over there and also right here. It just appears at two locations in space, in a very similar way. They are in a certain sense equal, both temporarily appearing from and within space.

This is one of those many times where the realization appear completely new and fresh, but if I am to put words on it – it comes out very similarly to previous times. And this is of course how it is. The present is always new, fresh, different, and our abstractions makes it appear the same.

One difference this time, even on the level of abstractions, was in terms of deepening embodiment. It appeared as an ordinary realization at a quite physical level. It was not so much seeing it as being it, in a very ordinary way.

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