Over the last few days, some of the many ways I overdramatize has come up more clearly. Typically, there is an aspect of the current situation not aligned with my beliefs about how it “should” be, and this trigger a range of reactions. The total effect is overdramatization, from allowing identification with something triggered by the misalignment with beliefs and a little bump.

This is of course exactly what I have seen in various ways through the Byron Katie inquiries. But when it comes up like this in my daily life, it seems fresh, new, different – a new realization.

For instance, my partner brings in more money than me right now, allowing me some more freedom to explore other things, and instead of thoroughly enjoying this – which I could do – I allow it to bring up some dissatisfaction of not “pulling my share” in that particular area, and right now. It becomes a big cloud, when it could be just about nothing at all.

The same is the case with the fatigue which seems to come and go (far less right now). Through my beliefs, I create a situation where it has a different and more significant impact on me than it needs to have. It becomes an obstacle instead of something to work with and around.

It is a relief to see this, and see how ordinary and human it all is. We all do it, in various ways. And there are ways to release it as well, for me through the BK inquiries.

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