Recurrent Dream

Recurrent childhood dreams are said to point to recurrent patterns later in life as well. Here is mine, which would make good fodder for process work or other forms of exploration.

I am climbing up the pull-down ladder to our attic. As I reach the top of the ladder, it vanishes. I fall down, the floor vanishes as well, and I continue falling, and falling, in a seemingly infinite freefall. At the end, I see a witch looking up at me, grinning with a couple of missing teeth, and stirring a huge cast iron pot with boiling contents which I am about to join. And I wake up.

Two things come to mind right away. One is the fear of infinity, which I am exploring right now. The other is the sense of being “cooked” in an unpleasant way, a good image of how one part of me experiences this life: as a bug on a pin, squirming, unable to escape. Cooking with all the other ingredients of life.

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