Rolling It In

Since my teens, I have explored how everything – everything in the world of phenomena, arising inside and outside of my human self – happens within the same space and awareness.

And seeing this, their stickiness is reduced or goes away. They just come and go as guests, on their own, living their own life.

Recently, there has been a shift in all of this. It seems far more embodied, far more as if the cells in the body does it now, on their own, in a very ordinary way.

Something happens, and it is seen as arising from and within space and the ground. This trigger something else, and that too is seen as arising from and within space and ground. And so on. Whatever happens is rolled into this, as it happens.

Somebody says something. This triggers something in me. And that in turn triggers something else in me. And so on. And all of this is noticed, in a very ordinary way, as happening within and as space and ground.

There is a release from blindly being caught up in anything in this. And even if being blindly caught up arises, that too is noticed as space and ground.

It allows it all to be, as it is. It allows for a deepening of experience of what is. And it allows for a freer and deeper engagement with whatever happens.

Whatever is perceived as an “I” – which fluidly changes over time – is also rolled into this, as it arises, noticed as arising from and as space and ground.

It is very simple. And always here. All we need to do is noticing. And that may require quite an exploration process.

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