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I talked with a friend of mine last week about blogging.

For me, it is a way to get the various stories and apparent insights out. To help me see them, explore them, and then let them go. Without driving people crazy with having to listen to obsessive ramblings, innumerable repetitions, half-baked insights, reformulations of what has been said thousands of times before by others – and in much clearer ways, and so on.

At the same time, knowing that some innocent internet explorers may happen on this blog adds something to it. It helps me stay more sincere, and it also adds the element of surprise to it. Who knows what responses others may have to it, and if they respond through comments or via email, something interesting may come out of it as well. Or not, and that is also OK.

I can’t help to also imagine that this may have some historical interest. This blog is one ininitesmally tiny strand in the tapestry of a more integral spirituality emerging in the global culture today. It is one story of an average guy exploring the existence in a mediocre way, and that in itself may be of interest.

I know I am as or more interested in the experiences and interests of average and ordinary folks, rather than the obviously exceptional ones. It gives a richness and fullness to the picture. It allows for recognition, for seeing our shared humanity.

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