Two Views

From the view of the whole, delusion and awakening are equal – just two flavors, two ways the whole is exploring and experiencing itself.

But from the view of our human self, there is a big difference. One brings suffering, and the other brings release from suffering.

The wider context is one of appreciation of both, of just being, allowing it all to unfold. And the more narrow context is one of direction, of moving from delusion to awakening, just because one involves suffering and the other does not, and it is inherent in our human self to avoid one and seek the other.

The release seems to come through both: through allowing what is to be as it is, and to allow for directionality as well. One is finding it right here and now, the other is allowing for the process of familiarizing ourselves with it. And it eventually comes through allowing even the seeking to be, as it is. To realize that for even the seeking, there is just the doing and no individual doer.

In this context, delusion refers to a belief in “I” as a segment of what is. Awakening refers to realizing – actualizing – that there is no “I” as any segment. There still is this human self, focus, awareness, actvity and so on, but no “I” inherent in any of these. There is the doing but no doer.

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