I just talked with Jen on the phone as I am in Berkeley/Oakland for 10 days.

She mentioned that over the last two or three days, the Witness state arises regularly throughout the day. There is just pure seeing and witnessing, and that is all. No traces, no story.

There is no story of Jennifer, so no need to create stories about how different events fit into the story of Jennifer. No need to create stories to make Jennifer look good, and so on.

There is just all the phenomena arising – inside and outside of the human self. They come and go as guests, leaving no trace (apart from maybe a neutral memory which can be accessed later if need be).

We also talked about how we both saw the same patter arise in us: first the the thought this is the effect of the deekshsa! (she went to a deeksha even this Sunday) and then the release of who knows and it doesn’t really matter.

She also mentioned how it is completely effortless, and no attachment to the state nor any of the content.

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