Wounded Healer

I did some Breema bodywork and Big Mind facilitation with someone who recently moved to this town, and with whom I share a great deal of interests and orientations. His background is in transpersonal psychology and the intersection of therapy and sustainability.

Talking afterwards, he mentioned how we are all wounded healers, how we tend to attract people in our work who brings up things for us (as facilitators) which offers us an opportunity to heal and mature further, and also how many of us are afraid to put our work out in the world.

Many of us are seen as competent by others, but our image of ourselves is different. And this image is partly based on realizing realistically how much more work there is to do on ourselves and in learning the skills needed to help others, and partly based on unrealistic expectations.

Even if there is room for improvement on our own part, we can also be of service to others. The two are not mutually exclusive – luckily enough because otherwise there would be no healers, no facilitators, no teachers, no guides.

When I do Breema and Big Mind, there is a sense of it being exactly what I am supposed to do. It is like falling off a log in a certain sense, although there is also a lot of learning and maturing needed in both areas.

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