Beliefs as Time Bombs

Beliefs are time bombs, waiting to go off.

I have a belief, and it may lie dormant and unnoticed for a long time. Then, a situation comes along which triggers the belief – by not matching it – and the time bomb goes off, in the form of suffering.

Normally, we dread these explosions and do whatever we can to avoid them. Yet, the same bomb goes off again and again, in similar situations.

But with the Byron Katie inquiries, we come to see these bombs as friends. We welcome them in with open arms as they offer us an opportunity to examine these beliefs, allowing them to disarm themselves.

Having them in the ground, armed, is OK. But having them go off, and allowing them to disarm themselves, is even more satisfying. Another bomb goes off, and it is another opportunity to explore more fully what is really true for us behind unexamined beliefs.

One thought to “Beliefs as Time Bombs”

  1. Just a thank you for this helpful way of seeing what Eckhart Tolle sometimes calls “knots”. I can see how the Inquiry process can defuse these “bombs” and untie the “knots”, allowing energy to flow more freely. (Tolle is funny in one discussion of the knots, where he puts the homophone “nots” to good use.)

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