Fertile Areas of Beliefs

In doing the Byron Katie inquiries, I find three fertile areas of beliefs…

  • The ones aligned with my conscious views (which I really wholeheartedly believe)
  • The ones I can infer from my actions and responses, which I may believe to a certain extent or parts of me believe, but are not aligned with my conscious views (some of these may be residual beliefs from previous worldviews)
  • The ones appearing in the world, that I may see in others

And each of these offer opportunities for rich explorations and inquiry, opening into clarity as well as understanding and compassion for myself and others.

Often, I may inquire into obviously stressful beliefs – the ones I find from situations that really bug me. But other times, it may just be an apparently innocent thought that catches my interest, or thoughts I see create stress for others, and these may reveal and unravel as much as the obviously stressful ones.

It doesn’t matter where the thoughts appear – in me triggering stress or not, or in others triggering stress or not. They always offer something new to explore and clarify.

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