Byron Katie often says that it is all pure innocence.

This is what we see when we discover ourselves as Big Mind. And I also see that it becomes very clear through the Byron Katie inquiries, at least in my experience.

I see that when there is a belief in a particular thought, it has necessary consequences and these are quite predictable and shows up in similar ways in all of our lives – somewhat modified by the other beliefs they happen to co-exist with.

And I see that as long as this belief is unexamined, it is held onto and acted upon as if it is real, as if it accurately represents reality. As soon as it is examined, as soon as we explore what is really true for us behind it, the belief is seen through and falls away – just as we drop a piece of hot coal as soon as we notice we are holding onto it.

So there is a pure innocence in how it is lived out. And there is a pure innocence in whether we hold onto it or drop it.

There is nothing mysterious here. Nothing malicious. No evil ego holding on to anything or protecting itself. No dubious human nature.

It is all pure innocence. And beautiful in that – although the consequences of unexamined beliefs can appear quite ugly. We only see the beauty in it when our own beliefs start falling away.

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