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I notice that other people going into contractions and resistance sometimes trigger the same in me. So…

She should not attach to resistance.

  1. Yes (Because it is uncomfortable for me.)
  2. No (It is just what people do. Also, cannot know what is best for her and mine paths.)
  3. What happens when I believe that thought (and she goes into resistance)?

    I go into resistance myself. I resist her resistance, and I attach to my own resistance to her resistance. I do exactly what I see her do.

    What is the worst that can happen if I don’t have that belief?

    I wouldn’t care if I go into contractions or not myself. I would go into contractions, although I also see that going into resistance is what I do with the belief.

  4. Who or what would I be without that thought?

    Free to not go into resistance, even if others around me do. Free from having to mirror what I see in them. Free to stay in clarity. Free to follow my own process, independent of what I see in those around me (at least in this particular area).

  5. (a) She should attach to resistance.

    Yes, it is what she does, according to my story. It is her process. Her path. It is what people do. I cannot expect to only be around people who never go into resistance.

    (b) I should not attach to resistance.

    Yes, the advice is for me. When I see someone else going into resistance, I do not need to do the same. I can stay in clarity.

    (c) My thoughts should not attach to resistance.

    True as well. When I see resistance in others, I tend to fuel thoughts about that resistance so my own thoughts attaches to it that way. Again, my advice is for myself. I don’t need to fuel these thoughts. I can allow them their freedom.

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