Inquiry :: Distractions can give me relief

Beliefs are held in different ways. Some are conscious and seem very real. Others are not aligned with our conscious view, but we still – at least sometimes – act as if we believe they are true. These may especially come up when we get caught up in the drama of life. Here is one of those…

Distractions can give me relief.

  1. No (I can see myself act according to that belief, but it is not my conscious belief).
  2. No.
  3. Whenever I get caught up in the drama of life, I try to find relief through temporary distractions. I may make and eat some good food. I call a friend. I teach our cat tricks. I watch an entertaining movie. I go for a walk. I read a book. I listen to upbeat and/or inspiring music. I surf the net. I do self-Breemas or some yoga. In short, I do many of the things I do anyway, but with the aim of distraction – of taking my mind and attention off from whatever triggers stress in me.

    How do I treat others? I avoid talking about whatever triggers the stress in me. I distract them from bringing it up.

    What do I get from holding onto that belief? I get temporary and surface level relief from stress.

    What is the worst that can happen if I didn’t have that thought? I would be with whatever is – stress, pain, or whatever other experiences are there, and I would be with the situation triggering it.

  4. I would be with whatever is, or not. But there would be no push for one or the other. In most cases, I would be with whatever is – as it is, due to the richness in it.
  5. (a) Distractions cannot give me relief. (Yes, that seems as – or more – true. They only give temporary relief, and then only at a surface level. The stressful beliefs are still there, doing their thing and waiting to surface again.)

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