Inquiry :: His Religion

A. shouldn’t make others believe his religion. (about how difficult it is to make money doing …, how difficult it is to make money in E., how only one diet is right for everyone.)

  1. Yes.
  2. No (Cannot know that is true. Also, cannot know what is best for his path nor for others.)
  3. What happens when I believe that thought?

    I judge him. I see his behavior as disrespectful, trying to impose his views on others. I see it as destructive for others, planting ideas in their heads which prevents them from being successful. I see how he is creating limits for himself, and try to impose the same limits on others through having them believe the same (limiting) ideas he believes in himself.

    I see him as trapped in his belief system, how destructive it is, and how much he is struggling with it. I see how he is trapped within his belief system, how he sees it as real, and how he is struggling to become free from his self-created prison. I see the confusion and suffering in that.

    I see how I am doing similar things. I experience empathy with him and myself, and others trapped in a similar way.

    What do I get out of holding onto that belief?

    I get to be right. To be more aware than him, more clear, more insightful, more potentially successful – at least in my own mind.

  4. Who or what would I be without that belief?

    I would be more clear. More able to speak up freely, free from defensiveness. I would be able to see the same in myself, more clearly.

  5. (a) A. should make others believe his religion.

    Yes, because that is what he does. It is his path. It is what he has to do when he believes certain thoughts. We are not so different there.

    (b) I shouldn’t make him believe my religion.

    Yes, that is as or more true. I shouldn’t impose my views on him, not in the topics he brings up, nor in refraining from imposing one’s views on others. It is my advice, for myself. I am the one who needs to live it.

    >> (c) My thoughts shouldn’t make me believe their religion.

    Yes, that is very true. I shouldn’t allow my thoughts to convince me about their religion.

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