Inquiry :: Object in the world

I am an object in the world.

  1. Yes (Seems true, to a certain extent.)
  2. No (Cannot know for sure.)
  3. What happens when I believe this thought?

    I appear as finite and limited.

    As finite, I will die and this brings up fear. As limited, I am impacted by all the other objects in the world and am at the mercy of the unpredictable movements of all these objects.

    I see I want contact with some other objects and avoid contact with other. I easily get caught up in fear, likes and dislikes.

    There are images of the many ways I can die and its consequences for those left behind, including their grief.

    There is fear of contacting unwanted objects, and images of the many ways this can happen and its many possible consequences for my life.

    There is also fear of losing other objects I am in contact with and enjoy, such as partner, family, friends, teachers, a peaceful community, house, money, affluence, and so on.

    I see the drama that comes out of this belief. The drama of struggle, and the suffering from being caught up in attractions and aversions.

  4. Who or what would I be without that belief?

    Free from fear of death, and of things coming and going. Free from blind attachments. Able to enjoy more the comings and goings, the fluidity of it all, the freshness.

  5. (a) I am not an object in the world.

    Yes, that is as or more true than the initial statement. When I look, I see that I am that in which it all unfolds (the awareness, space) and also what unfolds. Even right now, I can find myself as the timeless time unfolds within, the spaceless space unfolds within.

    (b) My thoughts are objects in the world.

    Yes, that is as or more true as well. My thoughts are definitely objects in the world, along with everything. They come and go as everything else. They are part of the field of phenomena, coming and going on their own.

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