Inquiry :: Something Can Go Wrong

Something can go wrong.

  1. Yes (Seems that way. Seems that things go wrong now and then.)
  2. No (Cannot know that is true. Is just an opinion, a story. Also don’t know what is best for my path.)
  3. What happens when I believe that thought?

    Afraid of what may go wrong. Playing a series of images of what may go wrong, the many ways it may go wrong, and the many possible consequences for myself.

    Afraid to engage in life. Holding back both my engagement and my enthusiasm and passion, from concerns of what may go wrong. Not able to enjoy the present fully, as my attention goes to what may go wrong.

    Ashamed for the many things that have gone wrong. Ashamed for what may go wrong.

    Frustration over not engaging as fully in life as I would, if I was not concerned about what may go wrong. Sense of loss, and sadness over that loss.

    Sense of separation from myself, others and life.

  4. Who or what would I be without that belief?

    Free to engage in life, and free to allow enthusiasm and passion. Free to allow things to go wrong. Free to enjoy it, even when it goes wrong. Free to reorient from clarity and a sense of intimacy with myself, others and life.

  5. (a) Nothing can go wrong.

    Hmm… The idea of something going wrong is just an idea. So in reality, things just happen – inherently free from being right or wrong. It is only our stories about it that make them appear right or wrong, desireable or undesireable. Realizing this, I am more free to engage in life – enjoying the process more independent of its particulars.

    (b) My thoughts can go wrong.

    Of yes, especially – or only – if I believe in them. I see that when I believe in my thoughts, they go wrong no matter what. I create drama and stress for myself, in many different ways. I become less clear and effective in the world. I become a victim of my own beliefs.

    (c) My thoughts cannot go wrong.

    That is true as well. They just do their job. They just live their own life. They are innocent, asking innocent questions about life. They only appear to go wrong when there is a belief in them. In themselves, they are completely innocent.

    (d) Others can go wrong.

    Yes, same as for me when I believe in thoughts, and live as if they are true.

    (e) Others cannot go wrong.

    Yes, again same as for me. We are all innocent, just confused when we believe in thoughts. We all just play it out the way we have to. It is all part of the process. And it is all God, it is all the play of God.

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