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In some areas of life, I notice a hesitancy to commit to some things for longer time. This is especially the case where there is not a strong and complete “yes” coming up for me. The hesitancy seems to come from the thought that…

I will get stuck.

  1. Yes (Seems that it could be true.)
  2. No (Cannot know for sure. Also cannot know that wouldn’t be exactly what I need.)
  3. Fear of being stuck. Images of all the many ways I can get stuck, in all the many places I can get stuck, and all the many possible consequences of it. Sometimes avoid comitting because of this fear of getting stuck. Hold back. Wait. Sit on the fence. Allow life to pass by. Wait for the ideal situation, or until I get desperate enough to go ahead in spite of this fear.
  4. OK with whatever is. Clear. Able to go into something or not, free from the fear of being stuck. Able to make choices from clarity and more freedom.
  5. (a) I won’t get stuck.

    Yes, that seems as true. First, life is inherently change. It is not really possible to get stuck, there is only the appearance of stuckness – coming from belief in abstractions around it. Second, I can see how I have extracted myself from apparent stuckness in the past, and even learned something from it (although not painless).

    (b) My thoughts will get stuck.

    Yes, my thoughts do indeed tend to get stuck, especially when believed in. Of course, they come and go as everything else, but when there is a belief in them they tend to hang around. When I believe in them, they are fueled, either through resistance to them (which makes them more persistent) or by elaborating and ruminating on them, or both.

    (c) My thoughts won’t get stuck.

    That is also true. They come and go as anything else in the world of phenomena. They cannot really get stuck, even if believed in. Also, if I examine the beliefs, they are freed.

    (d) Others get stuck.

    That is true as well. I am not the only one who (appears) to get stuck. Others get stuck too, in many different ways – including many ways I may be freed from right now. There are innumerable ways to get stuck, and I tend to see my own stuckness far more than that of others.

    (e) Others don’t get stuck.

    Yes, life is flow, always fresh, new, different. Nothing is really stuck. There is at most a temporary dwelling in particular places, allowing us to deepen into, familiarize ourselves with, and inviting awareness into it.

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