One of the main forms of liberation is the liberation from beliefs.

Our human self is liberated from an overlay of the belief in I.

Our thoughts are liberated from being believed in.

As long as our human self is taken as an “I”, it becomes a vehicle for torture sometimes. It is taken as an I, and in battle with everything and everyone – including itself. When it is liberated from being taken as “I” – from the belief in the idea of I placed on this human self, it can function free from this, as a vortex of matter and energy serving as a vehicle for in the world of form.

As long as our thoughts are believed in, they similarly becomes a vehicle for torture. They are taken as true, but somewhere there is the knowing that they are not, and life also shows us they are not, so there is a sense of drama and suffering. When they are liberated from being believed in, they become free to do their job without this overlay – free to explore this world and create temporary maps of it.

Of course, these are really the same. It all boils down to beliefs in abstractions, and the idea of “I” is one of the core ones. It is the one that takes differentiation and makes it appear as separation. It takes differentiation and makes it appear as I and Other. And from that comes the whole sense of drama, struggle and blind likes and dislikes.

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