More on opaqueness, transparency and popping

Here is some text deleted from a previous post on this topic…

For me

For me, even within the last several months, there has been a fluid movement among all of these three [opaqueness, transparency and popping].

Last summer, there was a period of transparency and glimpses of popping. Then last fall, there were some weeks where it popped. Then, a period of transparency again. Then, a period of mostly opaqueness with some phases of transparency. And so on.

There are waves within waves. A fluid process.

When I believe in an idea of how it should be, there is suffering because what is is always different. When the belief drops away, I am free to enjoy the always changing process. It becomes an adventure – sometimes unpleasant, sometimes unpleasant, sometimes liberated. But always an adventure.


Within each of these, there is also a deepening possible. We can deepen into our exploration of opacity. We can deepen into our exploration of transparency. And we can deepen into the popping, into explorations of the ground and the dance of God.

Freedom to explore

In the awakening to the dance, the two others are present as well.

There is the exploration of how it is to function as a human being from selflessness, and to deepen into this. And there is the continuing development of skills, knowledge, information and everything else. There is the continuing development and maturation of our human self, within the context of selflessness.

But there is also the freedom to explore of how it is to function with a temporary identity as something finite. To taste this again, to deepen our connection with others and our compassion and humility. And there is the freedom to similarly explore transparency, functioning as a human being transparent to the ground.

There is the freedom to explore all of these, which parallels – or rather is a tapping into – the freedom of what is.

God is free to explore all of this – opacity, transparency and popping.


So if there is an identification with any position, with any realization, with any state, there is stuckness. There is an identification with a segment of what is, an identification with something finite within the context of the infinite. There is a holding onto a position, and this brings suffering since what is is more fluid than this position.

And this suffering is a reminder of the identification, the holding onto. It is God’s way of telling itself that this too is a position, a narrowing of what is, an identification with something finite within the context of the infinite. The suffering is an incentive to inquire into it a little further, to gain a little more clarity about it.

It is an incentive for God to bring more of itself into awareness.

And this never ends, as the unfolding of the form aspect of God may never end. God is pouring itself forth, in always new and different ways. Any holding onto anything is a sure recipe for suffering.

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