Only for you – and me

As we explore projections and also Big Mind, there seems to be a deepening sense of it all being only for me, and only for you, and only for each of us.


In working with projections, I see that the whole world is there for me to recognize what is in myself. Something is in me, I am not aware of it yet, I project it out on something in the wider world, I see it there and can familiarize myself with it there, and can then see it in myself as well.

The world is my mirror, and everything happens just for me – inviting me to see in myself what I see out there.

Big Mind

As Big Mind, we see that this is literally true. Everything out there not only reflects something in me (a quality or impulse at my human level), it also is me. It is all the play of spirit. It is all me, and it is all for me.

For each of us

Going back to our human level, we see that this is true for each of us. The whole world is there only for each of us.

The whole world is there only for me, for you, for him, for her, for each one of us.

It has a center everywhere, and nowhere.

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