rSome of the ways of talking about selflessness…

  • The content is the same, but the context is different. The content of this human self and the rest of the world of phenomena remains. And the context goes from a belief in the idea of I, placed on something finite, to the absence of this belief.
  • Everything is revealed as a seamless field with no center anywhere. Believing in the idea of I, and placing it on something finite, there is a sense of center somewhere. Typically in aspects of our human self, or even as the witness. Without this belief, there is no center anywhere.
  • There is no doer, only the doing. Or rather, there is no sense of any separate and fixed doer, as for instance as this human self. There is only the whole temporarily acting through and as this human self.
  • Everything is as it is, and there is no I inherent anywhere. Everything remains as is, my human self and the rest of the world of phenomena, and it is all revealed as having no inherent I anywhere.

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